Organic Sulfur: The Master Micronutrient

Minerals are needed for the absorption and utilization of vitamins and enzymes… and oxygen is vital to all cells.

There are tests to determine which nutrients each of us is deficient in. However, as the natural Sulfur Cycle has been depleted, worldwide, due to farming techniques… and thus our soil AND the plants therein have been depleted of a number of micronutrients such as sulfur which our bodies need… it would be highly unlikely that any of us are not deficient in sulfur (or iodine or magnesium… perhaps zinc or selenium.) As sulfur is so close to oxygen on the Periodic Table and it functions… particularly in the presence of abundant vitamin C… to carry oxygen to all the cells of the body… I am inclined to call it “the master micronutrients as glutathione has been called the master antioxidant.

Cell walls are made “soft” by organic sulfur*… and allow for absorption of other nutrients, oxygen and amino acids. with the use of organic, unadulterated sulfur with NO additives, fillers, binders or caking agents…  Cell walls open to release toxins, waste and heavy metals. And, too, Dr. Stanley Jacob, M.D., who worked in the Oregon Pain Management Clinic for many years and was a pioneer in the use of DMSO as well as Sulfur and who saw thousands of patients in the 1990s (but whose work was suppressed by conventional, western medicine under the thumb of big pharma)… learned that as sulfur passes through the cellular membranes of the body, including the skin… it has many benefits such as:

It is analgesic (relieves pain)

It reduces inflammation

It dilates blood vessels and as a vasodilator increases blood flow

It alters the cross-linking process in collagen and…

It has had an immune normalizing effect in some autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and scleroderma

Dr. Jacob’s work is detailed in two books… the first being “The Miracle of MSM ~ The Natural Solution for Pain,” in which he speaks of these results being obtained from the consistent use of sulfur (MSM) topically (as a gel) as well as orally. Says Dr. Jacob on page 212 of the book I cited: “As someone who has treated scleroderma patients for many years, I have seen MSM make a huge difference in many cases. I don’t think it puts people into remission [tho… reading some of his case histories I’m not sure why he says that], but it has the potential to allow patients to function at a more productive and comfortable level in life, and with less pain. My opinion: There is reason to believe it has been as beneficial in its realm as LDN [Low Dose Naltrexone] has been.

(*I note that organic, unadulterated Sulfur (MSM) really may be considered a food, not a supplement.)

As Our Bodies Rebuild… Regenerate…

…How may we ensure that the NEW cells are of our divine blueprint?…



The Evolution of Low Dose Naltrexone [LDN] by Dr. Bihari

Dr. Bihari developed LDN [Naltrexone in Low Doses] as an off label use [use for other than what a drug was made for] of naltrexone… as he passed through his work with those suffering with addiction and A.I.D.S. [The “A” in “A.I.D.S.” after all stands for Autoimmune]…

The Only Drug We Might Call “Alternative Medicine”

As he proceeded with his research, he came to understand that while Naltrexone in big pharma doses that were administered before he came along… surely did NOT heal OR even help the Immune system of those with the A.I.D.S. diagnosis… Naltrexone in LOW DOSES, which he pioneered, could…

Didn’t know before this video that this genius doc / truly a man “ahead of his time” / who evidently believed in the good old-fashioned scientific method without any preconceived notions 🙂 came out of Brooklyn, New York.

How Haley Love Reversed Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia Naturally

Whole Health is a Spectrum of Spirit … Emotions … Mind … and Body

What an example of someone who found the power within over her own health and wellbeing. Hey, Dr. Bruce Lipton 🙂 Think she could be a poster child for how we can be in control of our cells?…

This video appears on ExtremeHealthRadio which I found a link to from the work of Dr. John Bergman / he of the “Foods That heal and Foods That Kill” video and many others.

Low Dose Naltrexone Has Helped vs Autoimmune Inflammation and Pain

I am delighted to pass on to you the following promising / hopeful information re Low-Dose Naltrexone [LDN] that relates to relieving pain / treating autoimmune / scleroderma which I came across in my broader health research on inflammation as the lowest common denominator implicated as the cause / or huge contributing factor across the board to many maladies.

“Harvard educated neurologist Dr. Bernard Bihari discovered that IN VERY LOW LEVELS naltrexone can raise endorphin levels and modulate or orchestrate the immune system,” as Julia Schopick explains in this 9-minute video at  [The Chart is from the lowdosenaltrexone website (not this video)]

As you well know, “drug” is not 100% of the time a “(dirty) 4-letter word”

Tho Dr. Bergman hardly suggests any drugs to his patients, he is intellectually honest enough to recommend a web site — which is very well-researched / designed / user-friendly / annotated / has several Success Stories flashing across the top of the home page — that puts forth this pharmaceutical drug that has had remarkable results not only in relieving pain of symptoms of autoimmune disease such as ms, lupus and scleroderma, but apparently going toward real healing of the bodies of those so afflicted…

That web site was mentioned near the end of a YouTube video entitled “Auto Immune Disease 2012” which I have watched, put forth by Dr. John Bergman [whose “Foods That Heal & Foods That Kill” video I have previously posted on facebook]. Tho he refers to the US Food & Drug Admin {FDA} as the “Fraud & Deception Administration,” due to a number of its administrators — congruent with their service at the FDA, which passes on / approves or disapproves “new drugs” — sitting on the boards of pharmaceutical co.’s or being affiliated with ad agencies that have multi-national pharmaceutical co.’s as their major clients], he is not dogmatic.

Scleroderma: Laura Sands’ Self-Empowering Healing via Natural News

“Although the symptoms seem[ed] insurmountable, Sales Director Laura Sands was able to reverse this degenerating disease.”

She was diagnosed in 2007, and” The disease quickly destroyed her life and her dreams of becoming a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. She was forced to leave Chiropractic College because she was too exhausted and in too much pain to continue with the intense curriculum.”

She “felt sabotaged by my own body, and I struggled for 7 months, with little to no success, to stop this disease from taking me down like a sinking ship,” Laura recalls.

“Having always been against medication and drug therapies as a means to healing, Laura decided to take a holistic route and experimented with several holistic therapies to try to get the disease under control: colonics, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, and acupuncture.”

“After crossing paths with several key proponents of supergreens and superfoods, Laura was introduced to the idea of healing her body at the cellular level through nutrition. She began to take supergreen supplements twice a day, feeding her nutrient-deprived body and cells with an array of super foods, vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and probiotics. She also changed her diet to vegan, which meant eliminating all animal products and the hormones and antibiotics usually found in meat and dairy.”

Rose Hip Syrup for RA via Arthritis Research UK

Rose Hip Syrup for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Whoa! A clinical trial for RA NOT funded by big pharma?!? (Still have never heard of one on the other side of the pond) 🙂

“That’s the rose hip syrup. Loads of health benefits though the arthritis study is new to me.” – Louise Ward


“In this trial, 89 participants with rheumatoid arthritis were randomly assigned 5 g of rosehip powder or placebo powder once a day for six months.

  • Those who received rosehip reported greater improvements in disease activity, quality of life, physical function and physical global assessment than the placebo group.
  • There were more dropouts and side-effects in the placebo group.
  • One person in the rosehip group developed vasculitis , but it was unclear whether this was related to the treatment as they were also on several other medications.”


Scleroderma Symptoms and Their Frequency

Moving toward self- empowerment and informed choices comes with Knowledge + Responsibility which is what Raynauds Scleroderma Awareness-Global patients encourages in people by engaging and helping to educate them 🙂



A Natural Vasodilator AND Nitric Oxide Precursor

A Natural Vasodilator AND Nitric Oxide Precursor: Beta-Alanine

With an eye toward relieving Raynauds symptoms or flare ups…and listening to the whispers of wisdom of my heart…that there must be some natural vasodilators or nitric oxide “generators”…I learned last night of Beta-Alanine from Dakota Christianson…

And without even having to verbalize most of my questions… once I asked Dakota if there were any Vasodilator products that “generated” Nitric Oxide… he pulled one right off the shelf in the health food store where he works and information flowed from him as he intuitively knew what I would — or should — have asked.



Rockefeller, the Chemical Industry and the FDA

Short – but extremely revealing – video about the origins of both the American Medical Association and the Food and Drug Administration. The link between the FDA and the chemical industry answers a lot of questions.